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Paper Plane Project

The Paper Plane Project, the dynamic 3-D sculpture and projections installed in the Potiker Lobby, is an initiative of La Jolla Playhouse’s Subcommittee 2.0, a group of Playhouse staff members collaborating cross-departmentally to explore and expand the audience experience beyond the boundaries of the traditional theatre experience.

Inspired by the sense of community portrayed in Come From Away and embracing the paper plane as a symbol of generosity, the Subcommittee created The Paper Plane Project to express the collective power of many small acts of kindness and capture the positive energy that is born from gratitude.

We invite you to participate in this project and truly bring it to life – beyond the stage and the walls of our theatre.


LEAVE YOUR THANKS: Share an act of kindness (big or small!) that was especially memorable in your life. Using the notepads stationed at the main exits of the Potiker Theatre, drop a special note of thanks into the boxes. Your notes of thanks will be projected onto our Wall of Gratitude as a meaningful and personal contribution to The Paper Plane Project.

TAKE A PROMISE: If you’re joining us for a Come From Away performance, take home the paper insert in your program, fashion it into a simple paper airplane, and keep it as a visual reminder to commit to a kind, thoughtful act for someone else. Pledge to do it as soon as you can and as often as you can.

Even if you’re unable to join us at the Playhouse, you can still be involved! You’re more than welcome to make your own paper airplane, but don’t let making one hinder you from committing to an act of care and consideration.

Click here for some simple, easy ideas.

SHARE IT ALL ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Paper plane or not, we want to hear about it! Whether it’s a thankful memory, an act of kindness you witnessed or a good deed you did for someone else, you can inspire others by sharing it on social media! Connect with the Playhouse on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and please use the hashtags: #LaJollaPlayhouse, #ComeFromAway and #PaperPlaneProject. Your posts could reappear on our social media outlets throughout the run of Come From Away as a means to encourage others and keep the momentum of kindness and gratitude going!

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*Please remember that the Playhouse can only see itself tagged on social media accounts/posts that are set to “public.”
If your accounts are private but you’d still like to share your Come From Away-inspired experience, photo or note of gratitude, please email it to Grace Madamba at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Wall of Gratitude, projections by Joe Huppert
The Paper Plane Project, sculpture by Tim Nottage
 Subcommittee 2.0: David Barnathan, Alex Goodman, Joe Huppert, Grace Madamba, Tim Nottage, Teresa Sapien and Katherine Stout