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La Jolla Playhouse in association with South Coast Repertory Theater presents Kikiricaja: Una Historia De Payasos, By Miguel Garrido, Directed by Raymundo Garduño


La Jolla Playhouse, in association with
South Coast Repertory Theater, presents
Inmigrantes Teatro of Baja California's

Kikiricaja: Una Historia De Payasos

March 6-8, 2015

By Miguel Ángel Garrido Ramón
Directed by Raymundo Garduño

Una obra de Teatro conformada por tres personas en donde se cuenta ingeniosamente la historia de Bartolomeus y Comino, quienes viven en unas cajas preciosas donde sueñan, comen, juegan y hasta inventan palabras. Una historia de amistad que está llena de grandes y pequeños momentos de alegría y tristeza, peleas y reconciliaciones, viajes y aventura. Este espectáculo nos mostrará como las relaciones de amistad pueden ayudarnos a enfrentar aquellos miedos que nos hacen sentir pequeños; así como también, celebrar las ilusiones que nos hacen sentir como gigantes. Esta función es apta para toda la familia, se recomienda para niños de 7 años en adelante. Kikiraja se presentará completamente en español.

Loosely translated as “Cock-a-doodle-doo Box: A History of Clowns,” Kikiricaja: Una Historia de Payasos is a three-person play, performed entirely in Spanish, that tells the story of friends Bartolomeus and Comino, who live in beautiful wooden boxes where they dream, eat, play and invent worlds. Full of moments of happiness and sadness, fights and reconciliations, travel and adventure, this delightful piece shows how friendships can help us face the fears that make us feel small, as well as celebrate the hopes that make us feel like giants.

Recommended for ages 7+.

This piece is performed entirely in Spanish. Fluency in Spanish is not required.


Enciso Consulting

As part of the Playhouse’s outreach efforts for this Spanish-language production, we’re excited to partner with bi-national arts consultant Alejandra Enciso.

Meet the Creative Team

Inmigrantes Teatro de Baja California is an independent group conformed by experienced creatives in the Mexican Theatre field. Based in Baja California, Inmigrantes’ goal is to create scenic productions geared to audiences on both sides of the Mexico-United States border. Founded in 2005 by Raymundo Garduño, the company debuted with the play titled Naufragios (Shipwreck). The improv show Los Improductivos (The Improductives) followed in 2007. Inmolación (Immolation) opened in the summer of 2010, with book by Enrique Olmos and directed by Raymundo Garduño; working a season of performances at the IMSS Theatre in Tijuana. The piece was selected by CECUT (Centro Cultural Tijuana) as part as their Education Series Program and it represented Baja California in the International Borders Theatre Festival (2012) and FESARES Baja California State Theatre Festival (2013).

Raymundo Garduño is an actor, director and cultural consultant with more than 10 years of experience. As an actor he has participated in the plays De la calle (Of The Street), Carrusel (Carrousel), Border Santo (Border Saint), Naufragios (Shipwreck) and Bajo Tierra (Bellow Ground) amongst many others. Film credits: Between (Dir. David Ocañas, Opus Films), Levanta Muertos (Dead Riser) (Dir. Miguel Núñez, FIC Guadalajara, FIC Monterrey, FIC Montreal), Ahí viene el Diablo (Here Comes the Devil)(Dir. Adrián García Bogliano). Mr. Garduño is the General Coordinator of the annual “Tijuana Theater for Children Week” in which the best plays made for children are figured as well as an invitation of a foreign country to perform. In 2011, he received the invitation from Catalan Director Roger Bernat and the Theatre Company Teatro Línea de Sombra from Mexico City to be a part of the creative team of La Consagración de la Primavera (The Consecration of Spring), which debuted at the Milagro Theatre in Mexico City and had a successful performance at the Radicals Illure festival in Barcelona, travelling to other theatre festivals through Europe, Asia and South America. Raymundo is currently acting in the play Cartas al pie de un árbol (Letters at the bottom of the tree) and Noche Oscura (Dark Night) directed by Ángel Norzagaray and Augusto Albanez. He will direct Fractales (Fractile) by Alejandro Ricaño, as well as a new collaboration with the Vasque Theatre Company Teatro Paraiso in a new clown show, set to debut this year.

Press and Reviews for Kikiricaja

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Rao and Padma Makineni Play Development Center

Kikiricaja: Una Historia De Payasos will take place in the Rao and Padma Makineni Play Development Center (PDC), located in the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Center for La Jolla Playhouse.

Show times:
Friday, March 6 at 10:30 am
Friday, March 6 at 6:30 pm
Saturday, March 7 at 1:00 pm
Saturday, March 7 at 3:30 pm
Sunday, March 8 at 11:00 am

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