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The Car Plays: San Diego

Alright* by Alex Lewin | Directed by Robert Castro
After a family spat, a sullen teenager decides to spend the night in his car. But his father won't let him simply stomp away anymore.

Am I Losin' by Ron Klier | Directed by Ross Kramer
Pat visits the old neighborhood and runs into Karl, who resents his successes. Proof that for Pat, you really can never go home again.

The Audience by Kiff Scholl | Directed by Matt Bretz
What is supposed to be a compelling night of site-specific theater, comically devolves, as the play never starts and the audience is forced to fend for themselves.

Before We Go Home by Richard Martin Hirsch | Directed by Darin Anthony
A couple finds the prospect of a short drive home unexpectedly daunting after circumstances lead them to make a painful decision.

The Carpool* by Jennifer Barclay | Directed by Delicia Turner-Sonnenberg
Mr. Blackwell has been doing lots of naughty, naughty downsizing around the office. The members of the carpool are out to set him straight.

Dead Battery by Lee Wochner | Directed by Paul Stein
A bereft mother searches for clues to her son's death as she cleans out his car and struggles to cope with her loss.

Disneyland by Paul Stein | Directed by Dana Schwartz
On their freeway-congested drive to Disneyland, Dad pulls the car over to scold his two misbehaving kids. No Matterhorn ride and the long trip home might be the resulting possibility.

The Duo by Jessica Smith | Directed by Jason Duplissea
On the fateful day of the Comic Con costume contest, two friends confront the future of their dynamic duo.

It’s Not About the Car by Stephanie Alison Walker | Directed by Claudio Raygoza
Vic surprises Marla with a car for her birthday, but all she really wants is a divorce.

The Love of Make-Believe by JJ Strong | Directed by Kiff Scholl
A maid-of-honor and a best man indulge in a post-reception tryst that leaves them both hopelessly caught between their pasts and futures.

One for the Road by Michael Shutt | Directed by Matt Thompson
One last drink, one last kiss, one last choice: One For The Road.

Outside, Looking In by Michael David | Directed by Sara Wagner
A lonely, middle-aged woman of privilege finds unexpected compassion on the streets of San Diego.

Reveille by EM Lewis | Directed by Sam Woodhouse
Leonard's only son has signed up for the military. He leaves for boot camp this morning.

Selkies* by Lila Rose Kaplan | Directed by Casey Stangl
A secret is revealed when two old friends visit the seals off the coast of California.

Skipped* by David Myers | Directed by Seema Sueko
A drunken teenager tries to dodge the cab fare. But this cabbie is onto him. And he's not taking it anymore.

We Wait by Steve Lozier | Directed by Lisa Berger
Two loyal dogs wait in a hot car for their owners, wondering if they will ever come back…

When purchasing tickets, patrons are randomly assigned to a 5-play track. La Jolla Playhouse cannot guarantee admission to a specific play.

*La Jolla Playhouse commissioned the four asterisked plays by current and former MFA students from UCSD’s Graduate Playwriting Program, and they are receiving their world premiere in The Car Plays: San Diego.