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The Artist’s Journey: Anthony Luciano – Week 5 - La Jolla Playhouse Blog

The Artist’s Journey: Anthony Luciano – Week 5

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Each week, The Artist’s Journey will provide an insider look at the creation of a production, from first rehearsal to opening night, through the eyes of one of the show’s key players.

Anthony Luciano is an M.F.A. Directing student in the UCSD graduate theatre program and is Assistant Director on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Anthony Luciano

Anthony Luciano

We are officially in tech rehearsals. I know this because I have been snacking all day, every day since first ringing into the theatre on Friday. I pack an absurd amount of food, eat it all and still attack all of the other snacks on all the tables. And I drink a lot of coffee.

And I crave sweets all the time. I crave sweets all the time anyway, but now I NEED them. Officially my pants are tight. We are most definitely in tech.

And the play looks beautiful. Pretty damn beautiful.

So we’re making our first pass at the thing now, learning what is possible and not possible and reworking and pushing forward. Not everything is finished yet—this is totally normal—so we’ll go back and check some of this stuff out in the second pass. We’re learning how to activate the space; where the fairies are best to hang out; what we can and can’t do with huge beautiful dresses. Happily the play is holding up really well in the theatre—like I thought it would in the last blog—and the tech is going pretty smoothly. We’ll sometimes move through a few pages in an hour, and then hold for hours at a transition: again, totally normal. But what is really cool is how fast it is actually going: we’re already midway through the second act of our production in only three days! We’ll be spending time with the quintet again this week, and the orchestra comes and visits us again soon!

The question that I have is this: will we hit a dead standstill during the play-within-a-play (which is pretty darn funny right now) or will we blow through it? I think we’ll blow through it, but I like it so much I wouldn’t mind living in it a little while.

We’re all getting a little tired, but strangely it feels—for the moment—pretty relaxed for tech…. Sounds too good to be true. I’ll let you know next week!

Some of y’all will be seeing the play soon! Can’t wait to meet y’all at previews!

“Farwell [my lovely] spirits I’ll be gone! Our queen and all her elves come here anon!”