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The Artist’s Journey: Anthony Luciano – Week 3 - La Jolla Playhouse Blog

The Artist’s Journey: Anthony Luciano – Week 3

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Each week, The Artist’s Journey will provide an insider look at the creation of a production, from first rehearsal to opening night, through the eyes of one of the show’s key players.

Anthony Luciano is an M.F.A. Directing student in the UCSD graduate theatre program and is Assistant Director on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Anthony Luciano

Anthony Luciano

We have finished staging the first draft of the play. Yup, round one, in the can.

We’ve revisited many scenes several times; we’ve opted to use another of our acrobatic silks in an unexpected place (one we weren’t sure if we were going to use at all); and we’ve written and refined some rules of the world. We’ve got a few things we still need to figure out (little things like “How does this chair get here?” or “Are we still thinking of using this cool thing?”), but mostly now I think we’ve got a big ol’ thing and I’m guessing we’re gonna start making some tweaks and trying to see what it is we’ve made.

AND we’ve got a full orchestra that’s beginning to show up as our day is ending—that’s amazing. We’re going to spend some time with them in just over a week I think.

AND we’re going to begin our understudy rehearsals this week. Which is totally terrifying to me (it’s a big part of my job). The first chunk is going to be easy: book work and making sure everybody knows what they’re saying—no problem (I mean, I think I know what everybody’s saying). The staging is where it gets a little scary: like, do I know where everybody goes? Do I know what it is that we have made? Holy Moly I hope so. I certainly have made enough charts; I hope I know where everybody is going.

That’s the news from here: a big change from last week. We’ve got a lot of time before we head off to the theatre, and a lot of time to make fixes before we preview, and a lot of time to fix during previews, but it feels like we’ve hit the moment when the real tough work begins: polish and change, jettison and rebuild.

And keep up so when the covers aren’t in the room to see the change, they know the change. Oy.

One bright bit of gossip: one of my fellow Grads—who is doing some pretty heavy understudying—has already advertised himself as a great nurse. He has firmly chosen which side of the understudy divide he is on. The divides usually follow like this: 1) “So when do you take a night off and I go on and make you look bad.” Or, as my friend has chosen, 2) “Don’t you DARE get sick!” And the teasing begins. I’ll keep you updated, but I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of “Oh wow I am feeling really ILL” or “I think I may have twisted my ankle and can’t go on, you know the lines right?” This may seem like fun and games—and it is, mostly—but it’s also damn terrifying if you’re the understudy.

“This falls out better than I could devise…”