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Tell Us About Your First Ride *Contest Closed* - La Jolla Playhouse Blog

Tell Us About Your First Ride *Contest Closed*

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**This contest is now closed. Thanks for sharing your stories about your first car!  A winner has been randomly selected. Congratulations to Christie P. – you’ve won a pair of tickets to our new musical, Hands on a Hardbody!**

During Hands on a Hardbody, ten strangers push their minds and bodies to the limit as they fight to keep their hands on a brand new truck.

Do you remember your first car? Was it brand new or barely hangin’ on? We want to hear about it.

Tell us about your first ride in the comments below. We’ll randomly select a winner to receive a pair of tickets to our exciting world-premiere musical.

(L-R) Jay Armstrong Johnson, Keala Settle, Hunter Foster and Keith Carradine in La Jolla Playhouse’s world-premiere, commissioned musical HANDS ON A HARDBODY


Over on Twitter, we asked a few of the Hands on a Hardbody cast and crew members to tell us about their first cars. Here’s what they had to say:

“Green volkswagen bug! (my mamas ;))” – Allison Case (Kelli Mangrum)

“A white ’96 Mazda Protege. That’s right, I can drive a standard #booya” – Jay Armstrong Johnson (Greg Wilhote)

“Jeep Wrangler Baby! I thought I was REALLY cool.” – Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone (Heather Stovall)

“3 cylinder Geo Metro w/yellow donut – NO OIL!” -Jon Rua (Jesus Peña)

“Used Chevy Beretta. Had to pour coolant in at every stoplight so it wouldn’t overheat.” – Keala Settle (Norma Valverde)

“My first car was a ’92 geo prizm…with faded red paint. Loved that car!” -Laura Zingle (Stage Management Assistant)

“’89 red Honda accord with a sunroof!” – Emily Hayes (Second Assistant stage Manager)

Join in on the conversation by sending out a tweet with the hash tag #1stRide.


  1. My first car was a 1988 Cutlass Sierra Oldsmobile. It was burgundy with leather seats and a V-8 engine. I got it the day I got my license and it lasted me about a year before I drove it straight into the ground. It was my favorite car because it was as old as me and it drove fast. Won a few “unofficial” races with it, and it’s name was Lucy. I miss her!

    Marc Gonzalez

    10:54 am

  2. First car was a 1975 Fiat Spider. Black. Convertible. I was a junior in high school and thought it was the coolest thing going. It definitely was fun to drive, but it didn’t make me cool or popular like I hoped it would. Ah well. Towards the end of college I rear-ended a bus and that was the end of the Fiat. Named it Stan. Loved that car!!


    12:05 pm

  3. my first love was a 1985 Chrysler LeBaron convertible! it was awesome, the top was down almost everyday with my radio blaring (gotta love growing up in Southern California)


    12:58 pm

  4. ‎’87 blue Honda Accord…it was my mom’s and my parents gave it to me as a junior in high school. It lasted me about 6 more years until I eventually needed too many repairs, but couldn’t afford to fix it so I ended up donating it to charity. :(

    Christie P.

    10:03 am

  5. It was a beat up falling apart toyota camry


    10:51 am

  6. My dad’s old toyota


    10:51 am

  7. My first car was a 2006 light green VW Beetle. A sixteenth birthday present that got me all the way to college. Unfortunately, the car more or less got run over by a truck. It was a survivor, but ultimately, it died.


    10:55 am

  8. My first car was a 1981 Pontiac Sunbird we called “Spud”. I was 16. My dad bought it for $1000 in 1986. You’d think being only 5 years old, it would still be in good shape, but it had seen better days. It had no air conditioning, possibly because of whatever liquid leaked out onto the carpet under the dashboard. Above, the headliner had come loose such that, when we rolled the windows down for air, it flopped and flapped all the foam beneath it out onto our shoulders. We would arrive at our destination covered in yellow foam dandruff. Starting it had its own challenges, especially in the wintertime when, to keep it running, I had to jam on the accelerator, throw it into gear, and hope there wasn’t an ice patch in front of the tires. On more than one occasion, we were thrown into donut spins because of ice. Fortunately, no one was ever in my way when it did. We got rid of that car a year later, but it remains ever present in my fondest memories from youth.

    SR Dryja

    12:55 pm

  9. First car was a new 1976 Mustang II that I bought myself after graduating from college. It was a great car, would be nice to still have…


    8:12 pm

  10. 97 Green Honda Civic. Stick shift with no RPM gauge!


    1:14 pm

  11. ’92 toyota corolla. It’s my baby. Except for the few times that AAA became my best friend. Definitely good times, like dance parties, were had.


    1:30 pm