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The British Love to Say They’re Sorry

The British love to say they’re sorry. There is an extended gag in one scene of The 39 Steps where three British men stuck in a train compartment together cheerily apologize to one another anytime one of them attempts to enter or exit their claustrophobic confines. Does this longing for contrition on the part of […]

Dirty Work

The action of Restoration takes place over the course of a year, during which time art restorer Giulia performs a gentle cleaning on Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. Though the actual restoration strove to be “invisible” to visitors, our intrepid props department wanted Giulia’s work to be subtle yet noticeable to an audience. Which means that […]

Wearing Two Hats

Anytime you produce a world premiere, it’s complicated. In addition to the typical work of getting a play ready for audiences (figuring out the actors’ blocking; line memorization; implementing the lighting, costume, scenic and sound designs to create a cohesive whole), there’s the extra wrinkle of the play being a work-in-progress; of having a playwright […]

Unusual Acts Arrives at the Playhouse

After two weeks of rehearsal in New York City, the Unusual Acts of Devotion company said goodbye to the city that inspired Terrence McNally’s play and traveled to La Jolla to enter a new phase of rehearsal.  At last we were all together in one rehearsal space in our very own Play Development Center with […]

Behind-the-Scenes at Unusual Acts of Devotion Rehearsals

It’s a week later and Doris Roberts arrived today.  Finally, we are a full company! We had a meet and greet with bagels (yes, New York bagels) and coffee. Michael Rosenberg, our new Managing Director, visited today and stayed for the first read-through. It was amazing to listen to Doris read the part of Mrs. […]

Rehearsals Begin for Unusual Acts of Devotion

We began rehearsals two Mondays ago for Unusual Acts of Devotion in downtown New York City , which seems totally appropriate because the city is a major character in Terrence McNally’s newest play. I ran into him at the elevator before the first rehearsal he told me how excited he is about his rewrites and […]