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A Confused New Yorker, a Happy Chad Kimball - La Jolla Playhouse Blog

A Confused New Yorker, a Happy Chad Kimball

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Chad Kimball

Chad Kimball, nominated for a Tony Award for Lead Actor in a Musical in Memphis.

Last Tuesday, Chad Kimball, star of Memphis on Broadway, received his first Tony Award nomination for Lead Actor in a Musical. But as the noms were being announced, he momentarily shared the honor with a total stranger.

“Funny enough my cell phone had died, and I emailed my publicist my home phone number, but accidentally gave her the wrong number! So I heard from my manager first, who coincidentally is named Tony. He called to say ‘Congrats,’ and then I called my publicist and she yelled, ‘You gave me the wrong number! I called someone in Queens and now they think they have a Tony nomination!’

“I was very excited and immediately wanted to know what else our show had been nominated for because I’m so proud of its entirety. I was very pleased to see Montego was nominated and Chris. My wisdom tooth has been coming in so I’ve been in some pain, so this has been a nice departure from the pain…it’s like taking a whole bottle of Advil!”

We’re glad Chad finally got the great news—and hope that wisdom tooth has settled down! And to the man in Queens who got that early morning phone call: you may not have gotten a nomination, but we hope you enjoyed a moment in the spotlight.

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  1. oh. my. this story is…amazing.


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