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Mandell Weiss Forum

384 seats in the normal configuration. An additional 24 seats are available when the voms are covered. Advance arrangements must be made for the additional seating.


The Forum has removable seats to accommodate wheelchair-bound patrons. Access to the house is via a long gentle ramp.

A two-channel Infrared Listening System provides enhanced audio for all performances and audio description for one performance of each production. A current schedule is available by clicking here .

Additionally, a golf cart is available to assist patrons with accessibility issues to and from the parking lot. Please notify the Box Office prior to your performance if you are in need of this service; additionally, you may pull into the five minute parking in front of the theatre, and a friendly La Jolla Playhouse greeter will assist you.

House Policies

The house opens one half hour before each performance. The curtain for evening performances Tuesday — Wednesday is 7:30 pm; the curtain for evening performances Thursday — Saturday is 8:00 pm; and the curtain for evening performances on Sunday is 7:00 pm. The curtain for matinees is at 2:00 pm (Saturday and Sunday only). The theatre is dark on Monday.

Green Room

Measures 16' x 16'. Located adjacent to dressing rooms at stage level. The Green Room is equipped with a pay phone, a chilled water dispenser, vending machines and a refrigerator. The Page/Monitor and CCTV Systems provide for audio and video monitoring of the stage.

Stage Door

Located near the Green Room at stage level.

Dressing Rooms

There are two chorus dressing rooms at stage level; one with a capacity for 18 people (men's), the other with a capacity for 12 people (women's). Each dressing room has sinks, make-up mirrors, showers and toilets. The Page/Monitor System provides for audio monitoring of the stage.

Quick Change Rooms

Each vom has room for a quick-change area just off the thrust, as well as room for quick changes in the offstage hallways stage right (SR) and stage left (SL).

Wardrobe Room

The wardrobe room is located near dressing rooms with basic sewing supplies, a sewing machine, steamer, iron and ironing board, two washers and dryers and a sink. Sewing facilities are located in the Weiss Theatre. There is no dry cleaning on site.

Control Room (booth)

Located in the rear of the auditorium, up one flight from the back of the house. The Page/Monitor System provides for a booth monitor and the paging of the FOH and backstage areas. Two channels of video are available, providing a stage view plus one additional view as needed. Four channels of wired intercom are available for production, plus a set of four wireless belt packs for stage crew.

Technical Measurements

The information included in this outline is usable for general purposes and non-critical measurements. Separate technical drawings made from actual measurements of the space are available upon request.



Dock is 3' high. It is located directly off the main access road (Weiss Lane). Two or three trucks can be accommodated at one time. Equipment and scenery may be loaded straight onto the stage. The loading door from the dock measures
18' 0" h x 12' 0" w and leads through the stage left (SL) wall of the stage.

Stage dimensions
  • Three quarter thrust with 2 vom entrances. Plaster line (setting line) is at the very US edge of the concrete rise for the first row.
  • Stage Floor to bottom of catwalks: 21' 6"
  • Stage Floor to bottom of lower pipe: 22' 0"
  • Stage Floor to catwalk handrail: 25' 6"
  • Stage Floor to US Pipes (see below): 24' 6" (to bottom of pipe)
  • Width of stage area: 76' 6" USL to USR wall (between I Beams)
  • 41' 9" at plaster line
  • 27' 9" DSL Vom to DSR Vom (DS point)
  • Depth of stage: 54' 0" DSC thrust to US wall
  • 28' 7" DSC thrust to plaster line
  • 25' 4" Plaster line to US wall
  • Stage floor surface: 5/8" MDF on tongue and groove plus 1" ply on fir sleepers with neoprene padding
  • 56 - 4' x 4' pressure skin construction. MDF plus 3/4" ply, steel framed and sound insulated, with 1/4" ply bottom skins
  • Stage to trap room floor: 4' 0"
  • Trap room depth 44' 0" at CL (begins 6' 9" from DSC)
  • Trap room width: 16' 0" on thrust, split at CL
  • 64' 1" at 7' 1" US of PL (trap access)
  • Voms: 12' 0" wide ramps with flexible angle configurations
Overstage Pipes

The overstage pipes or US pipes are a series of existing 1 1/2 sch 40 pipes chained to square beams spaced 12' 0" from CL, running US/DS from just US of the #1 catwalk. The distance from the bottom of these pipes to the stage floor is 24' 6". All pipes are available for either scenic or electrics use in consultation with the Technical Director and Lighting Supervisor. (Call (858) 550.1070 for assistance.) Additional pipes may be added as required.

Overstage pipe distance from plaster line
  • 1 4' 8"
  • 2 5' 5"
  • 3 6' 2"
i-beam 7' 1 1/2"
  • 4 7' 5"
  • 5 9' 5"
focus track 1 11' 1"
  • 6 12' 4"
  • 7 13' 9"
  • 8 14' 7"
focus track 2 15' 7"
  • 9 17' 3"
focus track 3 19' 8"
  • 10 20' 3"
  • 11 22' 6"
  • 12 24' 6"
  • 13 26' 2"
Soft Goods Inventory

The information included in this outline is based on the latest available inventory.
Specific goods should be confirmed with Technical Director.

  • 6 23' 7"h x 10' 0" Black Velour Legs, no fullness (3 pairs)
  • 2 6' 0"h x 60' 0" Black Velour Borders, chain at bottom.
  • 1 3' 0"h x 60' 0" Black Velour Border
  • 1 2' 6"h x 60' 0" Back Velour Border
  • 2 24' 0"h x 30' 0" Black Velour Panel, 150% fullness
  • 1 23' 6"h x 60' 0" White Bounce Cyc (damage on SL end)
  • 1 23' 6"h x 60' 0" White Scrim
  • 1 22' 0"h x 60' 0" Black Scrim (NB: This scrim does not extend to the US Pipes as do the other soft goods. A border is usually hung on the same pipe as the black scrim).
General Electrics Information

The Weiss Forum Theatre is a thrust stage with seven lighting catwalks downstage and ten semi-permanent Electrics' pipes over the upstage area. At this time there are no flying electrics. The house dimming package consists of 182 Colortran ENR dimmers, 140 at 2.4 kW in the catwalks, 42 in drop boxes, and 2 at 6kW. The system also includes 52 circuits that are wired in parallel to other locations throughout the theatre. There is no patch bay, therefore no existing method for quick re-patching.

The control console is an ETC Obsession 1, 1500 channel. Twenty non-dim circuits are provided with control at the light board operator position in the booth

The lighting inventory is attached listed below. Usually designers run out of dimmers before running out of instruments. However, additional equipment can be rented locally with advance notice. All rental costs are charged to the show budget.

A packet of facilities drawings is available. Please feel free to contact the Production Department at (858) 550.1070 x136 for information.

Instrument/Accessory Inventory
Type Wattage/Size Inventory
ETC Source 4 Par 575w
ETC Source4 ERS Bodies 575w
ETC Source4 19 deg. barrels At least 25*
ETC Source4 26 deg. barrels At least 35*
ETC Source4 36 deg. barrels At least 35*
ETC Source4 50 deg. barrels At least 25*
Altman/L&E PAR 64 VNSP,NSP,MFL,WFL 1kW 20
Strand Cantata Zoom ERS 18~32 deg 1kW 24
Colortran 6" Fresnel 1kW 32
Strand 8" Fresnel 1kW 24
Strand Coda 4 Cyc Light 500w per 21
ETC Source 4 Parnel 750 w 24

*Check barrel count as part of prelims with Electrics Department at (858) 534-6697.

Floating Inventory

We have an additional inventory of equipment such as followspots, color scrollers, ministrips, foggers, hazers, strobes, etc. that are shared between our theatre spaces. If you have additional needs beyond the listed inventory please consult the Lighting Supervisor.

General Sound and Video Information

There is no permanently installed or standard sound or video installation in any of our venues, other than 2 channel Sennheiser IR assisted listening systems, paging and backstage audio and video monitoring available in all spaces. The Sound and Video Supervisor will implement designs and/or recommend configurations as needed for individual productions and events. Our floating inventory includes:

  • Sound Consoles include Yamaha DM2000 (1), Yamaha 01V96 (2), as well as assorted Yamaha and Allen and Heath analog consoles.
  • Playback is typically QLab via MOTU or SAFFIRE interfaces.
  • Active speaker inventory includes Meyer UPQ-1P (3), UPJ-1P (9), UPM-1P (8), UPA-1P (6), USW-1P (2), 650P (1), and MM4XP (16, with power supplies).
  • Passive speaker inventory includes EAW KF300 (8), QSC ADS82 (8), QSC ADS52 (12), various EV models and complimentary amplifiers.
  • Passive speaker inventory includes EAW KF300 (8), QSC ADS82 (8), QSC ADS52 (12), various EV models and complimentary amplifiers.
  • Intercom is powered by ClearCom Helixnet wired digital communications paired with HME DX-210 digital wireless systems, as well as RTS analog comm as needed.
  • Video inventory includes custom built Watchout PCs (5) and Christie LX 400 projectors (2).
Important Telephone Numbers for the Mandell Weiss Forum:
  • Booth (858) 534-3645
  • Stage Right/Tech Table (858) 534-4063
  • Green Room (858) 534-3831