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Refuse, or The Golden Door

Ion Theatre


World Premiere
By Ion Theatre

75 Person Capacity Per Performance
Run time: 45 minutes

Refuse, or The Golden Door

About the Production

Do you know what it's like to spend hours in a train car headed for an unknown border? Know what it's like to jump onto a boat as your home burns to the ground and militant forces destroy your homeland? Do you know what it's like to grab whatever you can carry as your country is torn apart by civil war? We hear the stories. We feel the frustration. We welcome the intrepid survivors. Now experience it first-hand. Ion theatre is partnering with members of San Diego's refugee population to shape an interactive theatre experience showcasing the struggles and resiliency of our refugee population. By bringing together Ion artists, powerful stories inspired by real people and events, and you, we’re creating what may be the world's first live-theatre, immersive art, documentary-style participatory experience. Because every time you attend, the play forms and reforms around you, attending multiple times will lead to discoveries of stories you hadn't witnessed before.

Patron Note

Some walking required.

Ion Theatre

Ion Theatre

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Artist Chat with Claudio Raygoza of ion theatre on Saturday, October 10 at 6:30 pm


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