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October 2015

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Family Day

Saturday, October 10

Build your own fort, tend to an art garden, or join a parade of superheroes and superheroines in a day filled with hands-on, free activities for the whole family.

Healing Wars

La Jolla Playhouse

A mixed-media dance theatre piece from renowned choreographer Liz Lerman.

Dances with Walls

Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theater

Dancers move against unyielding walls, challenging the viewer's emotional responses by eliciting both vulnerabilty and stoicism.

Flock of Flyers


The Canadian Flying Squadron has been left without any planes but continues their regimented training in an imaginary terrestrial airfield.

The Spheres

Australia's Strange Fruit

Four celestial beings emerge out of illuminated globes to recount a tale of transformation and wonder under a night sky.

Three Sisters

The Trip

Chekhov's famous drama staged on a tennis court with tea from a samovar, original music and tennis outfits in various shades of flattering and absurd.

The Car Plays: Interchange

Moving Arts

A crowd favorite of the 2013 Festival returns with a twist!

The Adventures of Heartman

Fern Street Circus

A participatory craft-making and parade experience that explores superheroes and superheroines with a circus sensibility.

Romulus Kilgore’s Mobile Happiness Bazaar

UC San Diego Theatre & Dance

An interactive, snake-oil medicine show for the troubled soul.

Gnomesense! A Puppet Happening in the Garden

Animal Cracker Conspiracy

Participate in a fantastic impromptu dance party–sing-along in a garden come to life with stilt walking faeries, giant insect puppets and a garden gnome brass band.

OjO: The Next Generation of Travel

Bricolage Production Company

A perspective-altering adventure that explores the streets of the WoW Festival and the world of the senses.

Refuse, Or The Golden Door

Ion Theatre

A live-theatre, immersive art, documentary-style participatory experience that showcases the struggles and resiliency of San Diego's refugee population.

Queen of Carthage

City Opera

A contemporary re-imaginging of a Baroque opera set in a grove of trees overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Every Path

La Jolla Playhouse

Set in the Playhouse's back gardens, this site-specific pieces explores a woman's journey through adulthood through the lens of the choices she makes.

Heaven on Earth


Sledgehammer Theatre returns to UC San Diego with Charles Mee's Heaven on Earth, a site-specific play with music and movement around the Powell Structural Lab

The Bitter Game

La Jolla Playhouse

Held on a basketball court at sundown, The Bitter Game combines prose and 'shit-talkin' into a stirring commentary of what it means to survive while Black in America.

A Completely Factual Tour

UC San Diego Theatre & Dance

What begins as a simple audio tour soon explodes into absurdist theatricality, unexpected matchmaking and forced choreography.


Ubuntu Theatre Project in association with San Diego REPertory Theatre

A F16 fighter pilot struggles through surreal 12-hour shifts, hunting terrorists by day and being a wife and mother by night.

In Case of Emergency

Chalk Repertory

The door rises on a garage of a woman who's attempting to prepare for any emergency in this new site-specific theatre piece.

Seven Butterflies

La Jolla Playhouse

An ethereal cello concert evocative of the swooping, swarming or gently fluttering of butterflies.

The Backseat of My Car (and other safe places)


An interactive true storytelling piece for one that is about being a teenager on the verge of something exciting.



A performance for one with a cassette player and headphones that is a glimpse of a fleeting moment as it zooms past.