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2014/2015 Resident Theatre Company: Circle Circle dot dot

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La Jolla Playhouse is pleased to announce Circle Circle dot dot (CCdd) as its 2014/2015 resident theatre company. Spearheaded by Playhouse Artistic Director Christopher Ashley, the Resident Theatre Program aims to encourage the artistic development of performing arts organizations, while advancing and contributing to the San Diego theatre scene as a whole. The program provides a temporary home each year to one of the many local companies without a permanent venue. The Resident Theatre Program is an annual appointment at La Jolla Playhouse. In addition to performance space, the Playhouse provides lighting and sound support and is available to offer marketing and development advice. Previous resident theatre appointees include Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company, MOXIE Theater, San Diego Asian American Repertory Theater, Eveoke Dance Theatre and Teatro Máscara Mágica.

Circle Circle dot dot engages audiences by creating original theatre devised from the stories of our community. They aim to bring theatre back to the root of what has always made it important: the ability to allow the world to see and understand itself through stimulating, informative, and highly entertaining art. The company is made up of a group of performance artists, writers, directors, puppeteers, designers and musicians who have come together to function as a Collaborative Community-Based Theatre. Established in 2010, CCdd is both collaborative within the company and with outside artists who are willing to give additional perspective to a theatrical experience. Each performance is created completely from scratch by collecting stories and interviews with members of our community and then creating a script that is fleshed out in workshop rehearsals before ever hitting a stage. They take stories that are informative and insane, as well as thought-provoking and delusional, in order to bridge gaps in communication and understanding of our fellow man.

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Previous Shows

Circle Circle dot dot is pleased to present their 14th world-premiere original community-inspired production: Wrenegades: An Ecological Adventure by local Performer/Ecologist Michael Nieto, and Circle Artistic Director Katherine Harroff. The piece is inspired by the multitude of endangered species in San Diego’s unique eco-system and the tumultuous world of local conservationists trying to keep them from slipping into extinction.


World Premiere

Wrenegades: An Ecological Adventure

May 31 - June 19, 2015

Written by Michael Nieto and Katherine Harroff
Directed by Patrick Kelly
Choreographed by Anne Gehman
Musical Direction/Composition by Andrew Steele

Ed Leopold, a failed doctoral candidate, once cared passionately for the coastal cactus wren whose delicate living necessities put the small bird in danger of going extinct. However, upon failing to petition the wren for the Endangered Species List, Ed’s life spirals downward into a detached career in the disordered world of property development. After several professional blunders, it is while working on a last-ditch project to help a local organization build a hospital that Ed discovers that the will of the cactus wren is stronger than his self-loathing. The spiritual and enchanting world of the San Diego Wildlife bubbles into Ed's reality and brings the dispassionate birder back to estranged roots.

Circle is pleased to bring back the use of puppetry, music, and dance in the telling of this unique and magical production. Wrenegades: An Ecological Adventure is appropriate for all audiences.

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As part of their 2014/2015 "Season of Science," Circle Circle dot dot presented the San Diego premiere of Red Planet Respite, written and developed by CCdd Artistic Director Katherine Harroff, in collaboration with Soroya Rowley, Patrick Young, Karen Knierman, the Arizona State University School of Theatre, Film and Dance, the School of Earth and Space Exploration and the Mars Space Flight Facility.

Red Planet Respite

Red Planet Respite

September 12 - 28, 2014

Written and Directed by Katherine Harroff

In the year 2044 GlobalCom Venture Capital, an American corporation, has developed the first interactive resort experience on Mars. Red Planet Respite is the story of the premiere crew sent to test out the luxurious resort intended for the socially elite. An unexpected phenomenon that takes place in the universe during their voyage forces the crew to face consequences and psychological extremities they could never prepare for.