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Playhouse Partners
  • Playhouse Partners Carmen Mannarino and Lois Bradbury

The Playhouse Partners donate their time, service and skills to support and promote the Playhouse. This active, friendly group provides many ways to become involved at the Playhouse.

You may choose to help with the Partners activities that interest you most:
  • Staffing the Playhouse gift shop and information desk before and during performances
  • Organizing special events for the cast and crew of Playhouse productions
  • Giving backstage tours
  • Providing audio description for visually impaired patrons
  • Assisting Playhouse administrative staff with essential tasks
  • Attending Partners' parties and social activities
  • Provide assistance to Front of House during performances
Becoming a playhouse partner will enrich your life in many ways:
  • Gain the satisfaction of representing one of the foremost regional theatres in the country
  • Make new friends
  • Learn more about the backstage world of theatre
  • See Playhouse productions (when available in conjunction with volunteer activities)
  • Attend dress rehearsals of Playhouse productions (at director's discretion)
  • Receive discounts at Playhouse gift shop

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2013-2014 Playhouse Partners

List as of August 1, 2013


Tina Dyer

Ellen Michaels

Linda Kennedy

Reenie O'Dea


Chair, Jennette Pyne

COMPANY BREAKFAST Co-Chairs, Louise Garrett and Pat McCabe

Co-Chairs, Tina Dyer and Ellen Michaels

Co-Chairs, JoAnne O'Dea and Suzie Pirtle

Co-Chairs, Debbie Gonzales and Nicki Lustig

Chair, Carmen Mannarino

Shirley Siewert

Chair, John Rudderham

Chair, Tonja Daniels

Chair, Lois Bradbury

Co-Chairs, Cathy Glaser and Ellen Michaels

Chair, Nona Paul

Ellen Arcadi
Barbara Arenson
Nancy Bach
Nancy Back
Mary Bajza
Jeanne Barnabe
Lilia Barr
Paul Barr
Natalie Barringer
Kathy Basquil
MaryLou Bednasek
Jerome Begin
Paulette Begin
Maurine Beinbrink
Joyce Bell
Judy Bengson
Jack Berdy
Sue Bosch-Swift
Lois Bradbury
Richard Bradshaw
Sabine Bradshaw
Nance Brisbois
Margaret Burton
Patricia Case
Janet Caulk
Joanne Cesena
Eric Cohen
Scott Colangelo
Karen Coleman
Bill Coltellaro
Art Cooley
Loretta Costa
Madir Cuddy
Tonja Daniels
Aileen DeLeuran
Al DeLeuran
Denise Derritt
Kristine Dicerchio
Carolyn Dreyer
Shelley Druskin
Diane Dudek
Barbara Dunn
Tina Dyer
Joan El Wardani
Sara Ellis
Edna Everett
Pierrette Featherby
Jean Feinstein
Judy Fisher
Gladys Fontes
Colleen Foster
Antoinette Fulciniti
Louise Garrett
Joan Gass
Diane Geary
J. Paul Geary
Lisa Gerardo
Debbie Gillespie
Cathy Glaser
Bob Glaser
Charles Glidden
Elaine Gliner
Josie Gomez
Debbie Gonzales
Geoorgie Goyette
Beverly Grant
Doris Gruebel
Terri Harrison
Diane Holland
Marlaine Hubbard
Donna Huchel
Susan Hupka
Brian Hutchins
Kay Hynes
Bette Johnson
Sue Lynn Johnson
Janice Kayler
Robert Kayler
Lorraine Kelly
Michael Kelly
Linda Kennedy
Margaret King
Sharon Klein
Bernice Klein
Fran Knapp
Susi Koski
Stan Kossoff
Anna Kossoff
Rachel Kowalski
Gaile Kraus
Barbara Kushel
Theresa Lai
Heidi Lapp
John Lapp
Stephen Lawler
Deborah Lebel
Phyllis Levy
Ky Lewis
Rosemary Lewis
Julie Leyden
Margaret Lopez
Barbie Lorentz
Nicole Lustig
Germaine Luyckx
Bernardine Maloney
Carmen Mannarino
Geoffrey Manning
Pat McCabe
Choko McConnell
Mary McDonald
Ellen Michaels
Ree Miller
Pat Moore
Maria Moujaes
Jean Murphy
Victoria Narvaez
Rosemary Norling
Jean Oakes
JoAnne O'Dea
Reenie O'Dea
Teresa O'Dea
Jan Parsons
Marion Pasas
Nona Paul
Suzie Pirtle
Jennette Pyne
Eileen Ramsey
Laurie Ramsey
Patricia Ranck
Robert Rapant
Michael Rasberry
Refiny Redzuan
Linda Riddle-Wittmer
Paula Ries
Marnie Ring
Duane Rogers
Sharon Rogers
Ronnie Rossman
John Rudderham
Jeanette Sahner
Shareen Salgado
Kay Schredder
Jerry Sharrin
Mark Sherman
Enid Sherman
Barbara Shorf
Shirley Siewert
Stacy Smith
Marion So
Janet Spiro
Carol St. Pierre
Nancy Stoke
Barbara Storm
Merna Sturgis
Kevin Swanson
David Taff
Karen Torre
William Torre
Judy Turner
Julie Ustin
Ginger Van Zant
Dorothy Varonin
Sue Vergne
Susan Weekes
Sharon Weremiuk
Tonya Williams
Joan Winokur
Peter Winokur
Jeanette Wright
Elyse Wright
Paul Wultz
Yvonne Wultz
Ed Yankner
Doris Yorysh
David Yorysh