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Mandell Weiss Forum

Introduced in 1991 as the second La Jolla Playhouse theatre, the Mandell Weiss Forum is the $4.9 million gem designed by award-winning Albuquerque-based architect Antoine Predock.

Built with sleek industrial materials and intersecting geometric shapes, it has a long free-standing entry wall with massive reflective smoky-glass panes that generate the illusion of being both within and outside of the partition. Created with the potential for future expansion, the Forum is a 400-seat thrust stage theatre, with audience members surrounding the stage on three sides. It contains a rehearsal hall, two courtyards and an outdoor “lobby.”

June 23, 1991 marked the building's unveiling, with the premiere of Des McAnuff's production of Lee Blessing's Fortinbras, a comedic spin on one of the minor characters in Hamlet.

The theatre, according to Predock, has “to do with magic, to surrendering to an event. They [patrons] see their collective and individual reflection there, as a sort of preparation for the profound change that may await them inside.”

Mandell Weiss Forum

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