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Playhouse Leadership Council
Playhouse Leadership Council

The Playhouse Leadership Council (PLC) creates a welcoming and inclusive environment at the Playhouse by building and nurturing relationships with new audiences. They represent a cross-cultural partnership of community leaders who act as ambassadors for La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego. Their mission is to work directly in the community to increase awareness of theatre and to help overcome geographic, economic and perceptive barriers. By connecting a more diverse group of people to the Playhouse, the Council aspires to enrich and enhance the lives of all San Diegans. Since its inception in 2012, the PLC has brought in more than 7,000 new audience members to experience Playhouse productions.

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PLC Members

Frank Alardi
Paul Alexander+
David Barnathan*
Zoe Benditt
Karim Bouris
Bonnie Broberg*
Mary Coleman
Mary Cook*
Nikki Cooper*
Alexis Dixon
Mia Fiorella*
Brett Flynn

Leah Gray
Gabriel Greene*
Kara Greenwell
Christiane Hoffman
Cynthia James-Price
Sam Lee
Bena Leslie
Philip Liburd
Sacha Mackels+
Stacey McKibbin
John Olchak*
D. Candis Paule

Bennett Peji°
Gwen Pierce
Randy Reinholz
Elva Salinas
Lorena Slomanson
John Steinmetz
Malesha Taylor
Gregory Wallace
Logan Wilkes
Will Williams
Sheila Wright

* La Jolla Playhouse staff
Committee Chairs
° PLC Chair
+ Past Chair

As of 10/20/2015